Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Prophet with Honor

TITLE:  Prophet with Honor The Billy Graham Story
AUTHOR:  William Martin
PUBLISHER:  ZonderKidz

About the book:
His Message Would Be Heard Around The World No one guessed he would change the world. A simple country farm boy once prayed that God would use him...and prayed...and prayed. And God did use him, beyond what he ever imagined. He grew into a man who would lead millions of people to Christ, a man who would be known as the greatest evangelist of our time. Come read the story of Billy Graham and follow his life from his days as a boy, who wasn't so great in school, to a man who would teach the world the greatest lesson of all: how to know and live for Christ.

My thoughts:
This is a biography of the life and ministry of Billy Graham.  It has a few pictures throughout.  I thought it was a good overview of the life of this man who has touched many lives for Christ.  I learned some things about him as well about his life as a boy, his marriage and children, and his crusades.  He formed relationships with people throughout his life and these helped in later in life.  It was amazing to read about the many famous people he has been able to reach.

It is considered juvenile nonfiction.

This book was provided to me for my review from the publisher.  Thank you.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Splat the Cat Blow, Snow, Blow

TITLE:  Splat the Cat   Blow, Snow, Blow
AUTHOR:  Amy Hsu Lin (based on bestselling books by Rob Scotton)
ILLUSTRATOR:  Rick Farley (cover art); Robert Eberz (interior illustrations)

Splat the Cat really wants it to snow so he can build a snowcat.  He waits and waits for  some snow and tries to make some snow of his own.  Then it starts snowing but only lightly.  Will it snow enough for Splat the Cat to make his snowcat?

This is a great winter book for beginner readers.  There is a lot of repetition of words as well as long o rhyming words.