Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's Have a Daddy Day

TITLE: Let's Have a Daddy Day
AUTHOR: Karen Kingsbury
ILLUSTRATOR: Dan Andreasen
PUBLISHER: Zonderkidz

Let's go on a Daddy Day, a time for me and you.
Today while you're still little, there're so many things to do!
I'd like to share a book with you I have recently read. This children's book, Let's Have a Daddy Day, by Karen Kingsbury would make a great gift for Father's Day.

In this book the children get to have a special day with their Daddy doing all sorts of fun things together. The message of this book shows the value of quality time spent between a dad and his children. The illustrations add to the enjoyment of this book as well with the realistic expressions on the faces of the children.

My son and I enjoyed this book together.

Thank you to Pam Mettler at Zondervan for sending me a review copy of this book.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ready, Steady, Grow!

TITLE: Ready, Steady, Grow!
AUTHOR: Sophie Piper
ILLUSTRATOR: Georgie Birkett
PUBLISHER: Lion Children's
What does a child need to do to grow? This book gives the answer to that question and includes topics like healthy food choices, keeping active, safety, and hygiene. This book with it's fun cartoon-style illustrations is appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers.
My son and I enjoyed this book together.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ultimate Sports

TITLE: Ultimate Sports
AUTHOR: Teresa Domnauer
PUBLISHER: School Specialty Publishing

This book has a variety of extreme sports including luge, snowboarding, surfing, whitewater kayaking, and rock climbing. A description of one page length is given for each sport as well as "weird facts" and a photograph. This book is in the "Extreme Readers" series and would be good for a "confident reader."

My son enjoyed the photos and information presented in this book.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Brothers Do Best/What Sisters Do Best

TITLE: What Brothers Do Best/What Sisters Do Best
AUTHOR: Laura Numeroff
ILLUSTRATOR: Lynn Munsinger
PUBLISHER: Chronicle Books

This is two books in one! You can read one version to find out what sisters can do and then flip it over and read the same things that brothers can do. The illustrations of animal siblings doing things together are really cute.

My son and I thought this was a great book.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a Baby Skunk!

TITLE: Skunk!
AUTHOR: Kelly Doudna
ILLUSTRATOR: (various photographers)
PUBLISHER: ABDO Publishing Company
We found this great little series of books at our local library. This one is called It's a Baby Skunk! Other books are about prairie dogs, hippopotamuses, and flying foxes to name a few. It provides great photographs of skunks and interesting facts.
We checked out several from this series, and I have found all of them to be enjoyable and educational. These would make a nice addition to a classroom library or school library.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pip Squeak

TITLE: Pip Squeak
AUTHOR: Sarah Weeks
PUBLISHER: Laura Gerimger Books
Pip Squeak the mouse works very hard to clean up his house only to have his friend Max come and make a mess of everything. This book is a beginning reader and a sequel to another cute book called Drip, Drop.
My son and I enjoyed this book and reading it together.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Perfect Gift

TITLE: The Perfect Gift
PUBLISHER: Arthur A. Levine Books
Little Lori is proud to have found a big red strawberry that she can take to her grandmother. It is not an easy task though and she loses her special gift. She has some friends though that try to help her get it back but they do end up in some danger. I enjoyed the bright illustrations in this book. It would be appropriate for the primary aged library.
My son and I thought this was a cute story.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Super Duck

TITLE: Super Duck
PUBLISHER: Kane/Miller Book Publishers
As Goat tries to go fly a kite with friends Sheep and Frog, Duck comes and tries to help out as "Super Duck." This silly rhyming book will bring laughter to you and your child as you read it aloud together. We have enjoyed other books by this author about Duck and this is another fun one.
My son and I enjoyed this book.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Baseball From A To Z

TITLE: Baseball From A To Z
AUTHOR: Michael P. Spradlin
ILLUSTRATOR: Macky Pamintuan
Go through the alphabet with something baseball related for each letter. I thought the author did a good job of giving a word for each letter as well as a little information describing how the word relates to baseball. The illustrations really add to the interest and appeal of this book, which my husband noticed too when he read the book with our son.

My son and I thought this was a great book. It would be a nice book for any baseball lover!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Compost Stew

TITLE: Compost Stew An A-Z Recipe for the Earth
AUTHOR: Mary McKenna Siddals
PUBLISHER: Tricycle Press
This book offers an A-Z list of items to use in your compost. It's poetic verse makes it fun to read aloud. The illustrations are amazing to me, and I appreciate the detail and colors on each page. This would be a wonderful addition to a classroom or school library as well as a unit on the environment.
My son and I found this to be a wonderful book to enjoy together.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

1 2 3 I Can Build!

TITLE: 1 2 3 I Can Build!
PUBLISHER: Kids Can Press Ltd.
I was intrigued by the cover of this book and was not disappointed when I read it with my son. This book shows the features needed to create a building. Various building words are defined (foundation, interior, exterior, structure, function, tower, etc.) and then demonstrated using a craft your child can make. At the end all the techniques are used to create one large palace. I loved the photos and also that the materials used in the crafts were common household items.
My son and I enjoyed this book and found some fun ideas to try ourselves.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This Little Prayer of Mine

TITLE: This Little Prayer of Mine
AUTHOR: Anthony DeStefano
PUBLISHER: WaterBrook Press

I was happy to be able to review This Little Prayer of Mine by Anthony DeStefano and illustrated by Mark Elliott. This rhyming book is a wonderful reminder for children as well as their adults that God answers the prayers we pray. What I liked about this book was the various reasons it gave for us to pray and the feelings young children face..fear, sadness, loneliness, thankfulness, and more. My son and I really liked the illustrations of the children in various settings as well. This book would be great for your child's personal library or would make a nice gift for a little child in your life. We enjoyed this book and recommend it for you.

You can purchase this book here.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

The Flowering Cross

TITLE: The Flowering Cross
AUTHOR: Beth Ryan
PUBLISHER: Tommy Nelson
I received The Flowering Cross by Beth Ryan from Thomas Nelson's BookSneeze reviewers program.

In this nicely illustrated children's book, young Katie is a friend to her elderly neighbor, Papa Jack, someone everyone else sees just as a mean man. When she goes to pick some of his flowers for the "flowering Cross," she invites him to Easter church service and he says yes.

This book shows how showing Christ's love can make a difference in the hearts of people today and the role children can play in showing His love.

One thing I liked was that at the bottom of many of the pages was "Faith Imprints." This gives parents a faith lesson in one or two sentences along with a Bible verse to share with the child as you read the book. It also has directions at the back to make your own flowering Cross. This book is for young children in the message it presents. This would make a nice gift for a little one's Easter basket.
My son and I enjoyed this book together.

New reviews coming!

It has been many months since I've posted a review of a children's book here on this site. I was thinking recently as I was reading with my son that I have several I'd like to share. I am going to be posting some reviews that I've shared previously on my personal blog as well as some reviews from books that we've borrowed from the library.

Thank you for stopping by.