Monday, September 20, 2010

That's Where God Is

TITLE: That's Where God Is
AUTHOR: Dan and Ali Morrow

I received this book a while back and have not shared it with you. It is a children's book called That's Where God Is by Dan & Ail Morrow with illustrations by Cory Godbey.

A young boy asks Grandpa a question that many of us may have wondered ourselves: "Where is God?" Grandpa encourages the boy to look for God in the coming week. As the boy goes about his daily life he finds God every day...with the animals He created, when we share, and when we forgive. At the end of the week the boy shares with Grandpa where he has found God.

This book is appropriate for preschool through early elementary aged children. Besides the spiritual message, this book also incorporates the days of the week. Also, each day has a different verse related to the place that the boy found God that day. The illustrations were not my favorite for a children's book. The layout and font were easy to read. Overall I enjoyed this book.
Thank you to David C Cook book review program for providing me a review copy of this book.