Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You Can Write Cool Poems

TITLE:  You Can Write Cool Poems
AUTHOR:  Jennifer Fandel
PUBLISHER:  Capstone Press

Do you have students that feel intimidated to write poetry?  This book would be a helpful little tool to use in a unit on poetry.  This book will give students an idea of different types of poems they can write.  One thing I liked was the vocabulary words and definitions provided at the bottom of the pages.  Another thing I really liked was the "exercise" page where students are given something to do to practice.  For example, one of the exercises was to choose a letter (they chose P) and make a list of words with P at the beginning, middle, or end. Then use as many of those P words as possible in a free verse poem.

This would be a great addition to the school or classroom library as I feel it would benefit teachers or students.  The photos are great and the layout is nice.  There is just the right amount of information on each page so it is not cluttered or too busy.  This is a great poetry resource!

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