Friday, January 25, 2013

Double Trouble Groundhog Day

TITLE: Double Trouble Groundhog Day
AUTHOR:  Bethany Roberts
ILLUSTRATOR: Lorinda Bryan Cauley
PUBLISHER: Henry Holt and Company

Grampie Groundhog announces that he will no longer be handling the job of weather forecasting to someone else.  His twin grandchildren Gregory and Greta draw straws for the job which Gregory wins..  As Gregory sleeps with his alarm set for February 2, he has dreams about what will happen when he makes the prediction.  Will he be able to do his job?  His sister comes to help him out!

This is a cute book to read to your early elementary aged class for Groundhog's Day.  They will enjoy the pictures that go along with the story, and young children will be able to relate to the sibling rivalry as well.

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