Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Million Doughnuts

TITLE: A Million Doughnuts
AUTHOR:  Dawn Colclasure
PUBLISHER: Polliwog Press

In A Million Doughnuts a boy named Rusty asks to eat a doughnut. His parents do not let him and he wishes that he had a million doughnuts. He even writes his wish in a book about doughnuts. The next day he awakes to find his room filled with doughnuts. Rusty eats many doughnuts and quickly notices some changes, like not fitting into his pants anymore or having any energy. Rusty learns his lesson about not eating too many doughnuts and ends up sharing the doughnuts with others as they continue to come day after day. He eventually marks out his wish that he wrote in his book to make the doughnuts stop appearing.

I liked the lesson that Rusty learned as well as what his parents learned. They refused to let him have one doughnut and learned that one every once in a while is actually okay.

I would have liked to see the illustrations in color instead of black and white.

Thank you to Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing for providing this ebook for my review.

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Millie said...

Cool idea, I like it!