Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom Sugarland

TITLE: Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom
AUTHOR:  Lee-Ann Graff Vinson
ILLUSTRATOR:  Emily-Ann Vinson
PUBLISHER: Polliwog Press

Queen Emily loves sweet treats and is excited to wake up (in a dream) to find the kingdom covered with all sorts of sweets. She goes out and begins enjoying treat after treat until she is stuffed, sick, and increased in size. She finds out that the baker had made a wish to fill the kingdom with the goodies she bakes. Queen Emily and the baker learn a lesson about eating too many sweets.

I thought this was a good book with a good lesson. The illustrations are bright and colorful.  They are done by the author's daughter.  The full-color images go nicely with the book text.

Thank you to Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing for providing this ebook for my review.

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