Monday, April 22, 2013

A Few Bites

TITLE:  A Few Bites
AUTHOR:  Cybele Young
PUBLISHER: Groundwood Books

It is lunch time, but Ferdie wants to continue looking for a part of his fighter ship.  His sister Viola says she will help him after he eats.  When he comes to the table he finds broccoli, carrots, and ravioli.  He doesn't want to eat any of it!  Viola imaginatively comes up with stories about dinosaurs and aliens to get Ferdie to take a few bites. 

This is a creative book.  The illustrations start black and white and then are colored illustrations to go with Viola's stories are added.  I am not sure that young children would enjoy the illustrations really.  I would think it would be appropriate for 2nd/3rd grade students.  It is AR level 3.3

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